Featuring five of the most popular cocktails in the UK, our range of frozen cocktails flavours have something for every taste. Simply add the alcohol to the machine, or for that authentic cocktail bar experience, have your mixologist create a refreshing ice cocktail masterpiece in the glass.

Classic salt or sugar rimmed glasses, cocktail sticks with olives or fruit, the sky really is the limit on how you serve them. By the pitcher or glass, we guarantee a slush cocktail of unforgettable taste and quality.

Margarita Cocktail Slush Syrup

Who’s for a pitcher of margaritas? Mix with the classic tequila and triple sec for an authentic, but frozen cocktail classic. Why not serve up with a salt rim cocktail glass and slice of lime for that real wow factor.

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Mojito Cocktail Slush Syrup

The classic mojito flavours of fresh mint and sugar. Mix with your favourite rum to create a refreshingly cool slush cocktail. An icy twist to a true Cuban classic.

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Strawberry Daiquiri Slush Cocktail Syrup

The most popular cocktail in the UK. By the pitcher, or by the glass, mix with either white or dark rum for a deliciously fruity twist on a real crowd pleaser.

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Blue Lagoon Cocktail Slush Syrup

With its distinct Curacao blue colour, this classic vodka cocktail makes for an amazing iced slush drink. Great for those nights with a real party atmosphere.

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Energy Cocktail Slush Syrup

Energy drink mixers are a must have for any bar. This deliciously sweet, but cool energy slush mixes well with any alcohol to make a refreshing and energizing iced cocktail to keep the party going all night long.

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